380 King Street North Waterloo, Ontario - 519.885.0420

About So Chiq Studio

So Chiq Studio provides a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, where clients simultaneously transform their look with innovative products and hair services. Our team is energetic, experienced and committed to beautifying your look and ensures an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Meet the team

  • Hair Stylist Johnny Arba
  • Hair Stylist Paul Strub
  • Hair Stylist Vicky Tadros
  • Hair Stylist Georgiana Ardelean
  • Hair Stylist Holly Dankowsky
  • Hair Stylist Horatiu Muntean
  • Hair Stylist Cosmo Stefan
  • Hair Stylist Anca Atanasoaie

Johnny Arba

Johnny Arba is a Master Stylist and part owner at So Chiq Studio started his career in hair styling fifteen years ago. His extensive experience includes working with the world renowned stylist Vivian MacKinder who was the artistic director for Vidal Sassoon. Johnny's style ranges from classical cuts to modern chic, customizing each individual's hair style. He offers innovative approaches for updating your image and encouraging a new look that suits YOU best, while protecting the integrity of your hair.