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About So Chiq Studio

So Chiq Studio provides a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, where clients simultaneously transform their look with innovative products and hair services. Our team is energetic, experienced and committed to beautifying your look and ensures an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Meet the team

  • Hair Stylist Johnny Arba
  • Hair Stylist Paul Strub
  • Hair Stylist Vicky Tadros
  • Hair Stylist Georgiana Ardelean
  • Hair Stylist Holly Dankowsky

Holly Dankowsky

In addition to being the successful salon owner of The Hair Studio in Kitchener, Ontario and a member of the Goldwell Education team, Holly Dankowsky is also a stylist who practices her craft every day. She makes continuing education a way of life and a priority for her personal success. She enjoys thinking outside the box, and always looks for new techniques to create current, as well as future, trends. Holly strives to create balance in the art of hair and will share with you her motivation and inspiration, which have resulted in her work being published in lifestyle publications.